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MW2: Shotguns

First, is the Spas-12. It is always a one shot kill if you hit them full on. Most of the time it is a one shot kill even if you miss a little. It is pretty accurate for a shotgun. It is powerful too. It is tied for the longest range for a shotgun. It is pump action but it pumps pretty fast. I prefer it with grip and FMJ.

Next is the AA12. It is the only automatic shotgun. It has low accuracy, but high damage. It also has ok range. It has low ammo, though. I prefer it with extended mags and FMJ.

Now, we have the striker. It has o.k accuracy, and o.k damage. It has good range. It also has very large mags and shoots as fast as you can pull the trigger. I prefer it with FMJ and grip.

After that we have the ranger. It does not have very good accuracy, but is pretty good akimbo. It also has high damage. It has o.k range, but very small mags. If you hit someone with both barrels they will probably die. I prefer t with,since there are only two attachments, FMJ and akimbo.


The M1014 is a pretty good shotgun. It is pretty accurate and has high damage. It also has pretty good range. It shoots relatively fastly. It is good for charging building and is also good in close range. I prefer it with FMJ and holographic sight.

The Model 1887 is accurate for a shotgun. It is also pretty powerful, but when its not akimbo, it has to eject rounds between shots. When akimbo, it has to flip around between shots. It has pretty good range, too. When akimbo, it is deadly at short-medium range. I prefer it with(it only has two attachments) FMJ and akimbo.


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