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MW2: Launchers

First, we have the AT4-HS. It can be shot randomly, or it can lock on. It is pretty powerful and accurate. If you shoot a harrier with it, you will need to either shoot it again or shoot it 1-10 times with any gun. It only comes with one bullet so, fire carefully. There are not attachments for this gun.

Next, we have the Thumper. It is pretty accurate, and reloads pretty fast. It is not very powerful, and cannot shoot high enough to shoot down any air support. It is pretty long range, but you cant really hit anything thats moving at that distance. There are no attachments for this gun.

After that we have the Stinger. You cannot free fire with this gun, only lock on. It is very good for shooting down air support. It is the only launcher that can shoot  down an AC130. It is pretty accurate, but will sometimes miss. It is powerful enough to shoot down a harrier in one shot, and can shoot down an AC130 in three, because of flares. It is the easiest to lock onto things with, and it shoots straight up, very fast. There are no attachments for this gun.

Now, we have the Javelin. It is very accurate, but can only be shot when it has locked on. It can hit the ground if you aim for it, but it rarely kills anyone. It is powerful, and is long range. It usually takes to long to shoot down chopper gunners or pavelows, and can not reach AC130s. It is good for shooting down anything else though. This gun has no attachments.

Last, is the RPG-7. It does not lock on, only free fire. When you shoot, it usually curves up or down. It has two bullets and does a amount of damage. It is good for shooting down pavelows, but cant shoot down anything else easily. It can shoot down chopper gunners moderately easily. This gun ha no attachments.


July 13, 2010 - Posted by | Modern Warfare 2

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