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Guess What?

Check out our new YouTube account, xboxlivexperts! We will be posting videos soon, and starting a new series of videos.
Some of the videos we will be posting are:
– Glitches and great camping spots
– Sniper and quikscope montages
– How to get… (Nukes, Emps, Chopper Gunners/ AC130s etc.)
– And just some good games we have
Our new series will be called MW2 weeks of the Nuke (nuke of the week is taken)
we will post a nuke video almost every week, and we will have a poll on this site, in which we ask you what gun we should use each week, for example, week one will either be M4A1 or FAMAS. On week 23, to celebrate being done, we will do a Riot Shield special!
So, keep visiting the site and well keep you posted. We would also like to welcome our newest member: nick10dawg.


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