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Afghan: There are lots of places to hide here. There are bunkers you can use for cover. You can go prone at the top of the cliff and get easy snipes and things like that. I have a couple good camping spots and some glitches here.

Glitches: Go find the radiation zone, if you have painkiller on, a friend, and a tactical insertion you can set the tactical insertion and have the friend kill you four times near the radiation zone. After the fourth kill, when you have painkiller, go into the radiation zone. You should be able to survive, and you can kill people as they go by, and they will never expect you there.

Camping spots:

Sorry, i am working on uploading my own pics, but this will have to work for now.

1. See the pic above this. Look at the cliff.












Sub Base:




If you dont have the map packs or want to figure out what they are like, read this:

Stimulus Map Pack

3 New Maps and 2 Maps from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1

Bailout: Apartment complex that is great for camping. I recommend a assault rifle and shotgun for this map. Lots of people camp so have your shotgun ready when going up stairs.

Crash: A crashed plane. Lots of people will sit in corners with sniper rifles. Big 3 story building people like to fight for. Use stuns and flashes if trying to get up to third floor.

Overgrown: Great sniping map. There is one building you can get on the roof of and snipe off of. If you want to learn how, i recommend using youtube. There are a lot of bushes and thick grass that you can crouch in and snipe people that run by.

Salvage: One big building you can get on the roof of and snipe, also, you can camp behind the stairs because people WILL come up those stairs and you can kill them as they come. Also, you can just run around the map with an assault rifle or SMG and get kills.

Storm: It is dark and (of  course) stormy. Not many good camping spots, but you can just run around and pick people off. People will hide everywhere so be ready.

Resurgence Map Pack

This map pack also has three new maps and two from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1.

Carnival: Abandoned carnival with many places to camp. I recommend camping in the top of the fun house. You can also get on top of the flying saucer and the roller coasters. Also, if you are playing search and destroy, demolition, or domination, a good place to camp is inside the rocket and up the ladder.

Fuel: It is the biggest map in any of the Call Of Duty: Modern Warfares. There are a lot of windows, so be careful when walking around. There is a big factory which can be entered via a sewer pipe and two sets of stairs, one which nobody uses. If you cover those stairs, you can get pretty high killstreaks.

Strike: A large map with many buildings. You can get a lot of kills by running through the buildings with a shotgun or tactical knife. You can also get a lot of kills by hiding in between the little tents and crates that are near roads and killing people that run by.

Trailer Park: The name describes itself. A medium sized trailer park. There is a spot in the middle with a fountain and some pink lawn flamingos. There is a reddish pink trailer near there where you can camp. You can also just sit in a corner because in this map people will just run around with shotguns, machine pistols, and SMGs, and nobody really camps.

Vacant: A very large warehouse. There are a lot of interconnecting rooms that people will just sit in with shotguns. Most of the action happens inside. You can get a lot of kills, though, by staying outside. People will be in a rush to get back inside so you can just lay low and pick them off. There is a little nook near a bunch of large crates outside. People will spawn and run right by that nook. If you lay down with a ghillie suit you are invisible to them, so you can snipe them as they run by.


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