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3 kills: UAV. It shows you where your enemies are by labeling them on your radar with red dots. It can be shot down by any gun(preferably not a sniper rifle). It only stays in the air for 30 seconds. That seems a lot longer than it really is. It is great for search and destroy because if you have hardline on you can get it with two kills in a row.

4 kills: Care Package. It gives you a marker you can use by hitting right on the d-pad   then pushing the right trigger. Once you throw it, it will be about 5-10 seconds before a crate drops from the sky containing a random killstreak. It can be stolen by anyone, even youre team mates, and is shown on the radar by a green box. This is how likely you are to get certain things:

14.78% – Ammo
14.78% – UAV
13.04% – Counter-UAV
10.43% – Sentry Gun
10.43% – Predator Missile
9.57% – Precision Airstrike
6.09% – Harrier Strike
6.09% – Attack Helicopter
4.35% – Pave Low
4.35% – Stealth Bomber
2.61% – Chopper Gunner
2.61% – AC-130
0.87% – EMP

4 kills: Counter UAV. It makes the enemies radar fuzzy, and stops their UAV. If you have called in a counter UAV then if you shoot without a silencer, it cannot be seen on your enemies radars. It can be shot down, like a uav.

5 kills: Predator Missile. It is a remote controlled missile fired from the sky. You have five seconds, to hit somebody before it crashes. It is small enough to go through medium sized windows, but most of the time cant kill people that are inside. You can use the cold blooded perk to make yourself invisible to predator missiles. You can also use predator missles to blow up enemy air support.

5 kills: Sentry Gun. Same thing as a care package, but this time its 100% sure to be a sentry gun. Sentry guns can be disabled. They shoot anyone who comes within their firing range. They can only turn 180 degrees, and will not fire until placed. They will eventually short circuit. You can move them as much as you want.

6 kills: Precision Airstrike. It is an airstrike that goes by three times. You can control the location and the direction. It will not kill people who are in buildings.

7 kills: Harriers. It is an airstrike, like the precision airstrike. But, in this one, there are only two planes that bomb. The third plane is a gunner. It shoots people that are in the open, but dont expect a ton of kills.

7 kills: Attack Helicopter. It is a helecopter that shoots down enemies. It gets about 1-5 kills every time. It is not very accurate, and is easy to shoot down. It can get you a lot of kills on outdoor maps, though.

8 kills: Emergency Airdrop. It is pretty  much four care packages at once. The care packages go in the direction you throw the signal flare. Most of the time, you will not get all four. Here are the probabilities:

14% Ammo
11% UAV
15%- Counter-UAV
16% – Sentry Gun
14% – Predator Missile
10% – Precision Airstrike
5% – Harrier Strike
5% – Attack Helicopter
3% – Pave Low
3% – Stealth Bomber
2% – Chopper Gunner
2% – AC-130

9 kills: Pavelow. It is a heavily armed assault helicopter. It is much better than the attack helicopter, and on outdoor maps like wasteland, murders everybody. It has flares, so the first time you shoot with a lock-on missle, it will miss. It gets an average of about 5-8 kills, but sometimes as many as 9-15.

9 kills: Stealth Bomber. It is a bomb aircraft. It pretty much carpet bombs the whole map. It can sometimes kill you even when you are indoors. It is undetectable on radar, so you cant hide from it.

11 kills: Chopper Gunner. You get to be the gunner of an attack helicopter. It is pretty hard to shoot down, usually taking 2+ missiles. Sometimes if you get lucky you can shoot it down very fast with an RPG. It stays for about 1 minute. You do not control the helicopter, so sometimes you get locked in a position. It is very good for open maps like highrise, wasteland, and salvage.

11 kills: AC130. You get to be the gunner of an AC130 recon plane. You can use three guns, the 25mm, which is pretty much basic bullets, the 45mm, which is more like AT4-HS rounds, and the 105mm, which pretty much kills anyone anywhere near it, but takes a very long time to reload. It stays for around 30-40 seconds.

15 kills: EMP. It makes enemies radars disappear, heartbeat sensors stop, red dot sights go away, and pretty much downs all electronics. If there are any enemy AC130s or helicopters in the air, they will automatically be destroyed. It doesnt necessarily get you kills, but it gives you a good advantage.

25 kills: Tactical Nuke. Calls in a bomb that blows up everything on the map, and gives your team an instant win. There is nothing that can stop a tactical nuke, even if another person or team reaches the score limit.


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